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G'Day Folks.


Can you believe people are actually saying that SunCream is the best ice cream they’ve ever had? Mate I'm not even kidding. This is a caravan making Coconut Based Ice Cream on the edge of a great continent, in a remote and pristine wilderness, where the desert meets the sea.

SunCream Ningaloo is a creative beach-side kiosk offering an inclusive, allergen friendly and premium dairy free ice cream range. . . With no dairy cows in sight and the fruit producing heritage of the North West region in reach, the concept of a plant-based ice cream product just made sense. . .  Already world famous in Exmouth (and a must-do for those visiting the reef) the story of SunCream will one day be told of how Ningaloo's signature Coconut Based Ice Cream found its way into the hearts of everyone that tastes it.

We are so excited to See Ya at SunCream


Luke Robins

Director & Founder

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