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G'Day Folks.

Can you believe people are actually saying that SunCream is the best ice cream they’ve ever had? Mate I'm not even kidding. This is a caravan kiosk making Plant Based Ice Cream, 13 hours from the most isolated capital city in the world. The only cows up here are sea cows (Dugongs) and you can't milk a Dugong, so we use coconut milk instead.  

The SunCream Mission is to:

 1. Proudly embody the ethos of the Ningaloo Reef and its community

 2. Offer an inclusive, delicious and premium alternative to the "Big" Ice Cream Industry

 3. Ultimately become a renowned, nation wide provider of Plant Based Ice Cream.


SunCream is putting one foot in front of the other and already world famous in Exmouth, is gunna really be On the Map! for making the most insane Gelato Sticks and take away tubs in a range of delicious plant based flavours. One day, SunCream won’t just be sold from the beach kiosk and its local supportive retailers - it will be stocked at your local Servo, in the supermarket, in your Engel on the road to adventure, and maybe one day you will be licking a SunCream on a Qantas flight. 


SunCream was an idea born whilst driving around Australia in 2021 and through blood, sweat, tears, lots of swear words and lots of love, was willed into existence in early 2023.  This story begins in a funky caravan, making funky ice cream in a funky seaside town and will one day find its way to you - or maybe it has, since you're already here. 


See Ya at SunCream.

Luke Robins

Director & Founder

SunCream LOGO.png
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